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New Evergreen Learning After Spring Break

Hello Evergreen Families.

We miss you all.  We miss seeing your children. We are hopeful that you are well, safe, and healthy.  Our priorities for you and your family are…

  • Safety

  • Social/emotional health

  • Learning

Doing your best during this unsettling time is all we would ask.  So, thank you for your grace and support as we navigate these times together. 

Thank you for all that you have done to support your learners in the few weeks of school closure.  It’s been fantastic to see the efforts of teachers and staff...and the results. I have seen so, so many examples of our Mustangs learning and growing at home.  The pictures and videos are terrific.

As you probably know by now, Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, has asked that all schools in the state move from an optional, enrichment model of instruction to a model of learning with greater accountability.  Instruction will no longer be considered optional enrichment for our students here at Evergreen.  

All aspects of our programming will be impacted—classrooms, specialists, resource room, Title/LAP, but know that Mead School District staff and Evergreen teachers, in particular, are fully involved in organizing resources, and are prepared to offer quality learning for our students moving forward.

After Spring Break, on April 13, we will continue offering learning resources each Monday, as we have.  The following will be expected for all Mead elementary students each week...

  • 2.5 hours of learning time be delivered to our K-3 students;

  • 3 hours of learning time be delivered to our 4-5 grade students;

  • 30 minutes of the above times will be face-to-face, although facetime may look differently depending on grade level.  

This facetime might be live using online meeting platforms or in a video format.  Correspondence from your specific teacher should help clarity.

Classroom teachers will offer new learning and expect participation in the areas of ELA and Math only.  These areas of instruction will be evaluated and graded, if you will. Other subjects and specialists will offer enrichment opportunities.  

An easy-to-navigate Mead Learns Weekly Schedule will be provided by your classroom teacher each Monday.  This should assist you in supporting your students while keeping you organized and from feeling too overwhelmed.

If you are in need of hard copies for learning materials, reach out to your teachers. We will provide hard copies as needed the first Monday, April 13. We will coordinate this packet distribution simultaneously with our ongoing efforts to feed our kiddos from 11:00-12:30.  Times, however, are flexible. After April 13, we will be coordinating a possible mailing for those of you without internet access. Simply share your needs with your teacher.

Of course, teachers will be available to you as they have been.  Simply reach out. In most cases, teachers will be in touch within 24 hours.  If you haven’t been in touch with school, please connect with your teachers.  

If kids need school supplies, let us know.  We will help there, too.


Take good care,


Mr. Danford, Evergreen Principal