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Mission Statement

Evergreen School strives to work with students and families to:

  • Inspire intellectual curiosity
  • Appreciate aesthetics
  • Nurture individual growth
  • Stimulate respect for others and our environment
  • Motivate self-discipline
  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Use problem solving skills
  • Manage change

Evergreen Covenant: Our Beliefs About Learning

The mission of Evergreen School is to continue its outstanding tradition of providing a challenging and safe learning environment that respects individual differences through the following goals.

  • FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS. Evergreen School continues to strive for high standards in academic achievement by providing a structured and individually challenging learning environment so that all students are able to achieve their full potential. Basic academics (reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies) will be emphasized and sequentially taught with continuous progress from grade to grade. In addition, Evergreen will integrate fine arts, technology, and physical education into the educational experience.
  • EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT. Evergreen will structure the learning environment to help each student meet targeted grade level standards, with recognition of available resources and each student's abilities. In addition, Evergreen will provide opportunities for students to excel beyond the basics to fulfill their learning potential, recognizing and celebrating academic success for all children. Students will be given consistent discipline with clear direction, in a safe, nurturing environment. Evergreen will observe high academic and moral standards, modeling an enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong trait, so that our students will be well prepared for the future.
  • CITIZENSHIP AND COMMUNITY. Education provides a significant foundation for children to become responsible, participating members of our democratic society. As a community, Evergreen will teach and model respect for self, other learners, family, community, property, our environment, and racial and ethnic diversity.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. To achieve Evergreen's high academic goals, educators, parents and students commit to work cooperatively. Educators are accountable for implementing Evergreen's goals to create an educational environment with a sound curriculum that is evaluated by quantitative and qualitative standards, or is based on measurable student achievement. There will be on-going assessment/evaluation of student progress and programs in order to improve the process of student learning. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children's education and will be encouraged to participate in it. Students will be expected to practice good study skills at home and at school. Student progress will be evaluated for grade level standards before educators and parents decide on placement for the next year. As a community we recognize our joint responsibility to support all children in pursuing academic success, and the need to communicate regularly and clearly about student progress and issues affecting the individual student.

Mead Guiding Principles

On October 15 and 16, 1999, over 1,200 people from the Mead School District came together to:

  1. Examine the world in which we live
  2. Plan a future where all our kids and community will thrive, and
  3. Commit our time, energy and resources to make it happen.

These Guiding Principles and commitments were the results of this Summit.


  • As the Mead Community we are focusing on students and their learning.
  • As the Mead Community we are creating democratic structures for participation.
  • As the Mead Community we are increasing the connections between parents, business, community and our schools.

These guidelines truly drive our efforts and our actions reflect goals aligned with the Summit. For additional details you may request a copy of our six month review document. Our office staff will be happy to respond to your request.