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Evergreen Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6400 | Fax: 509-465-6420 | Attendance Line: 509-465-6484 (24hrs)

Mike Danford michael.danford@mead354.org 509-465-6410
Assistant Principal
Montecucco kim.montecucco@mead354.org 509-465-6409

Principal's Administrative Assistant

Julie Thayer julie.thayer@mead354.org 509-465-6401

Building Administrative Assistant

Celeste Figon celeste.figon@mead354.org 509-465-6402

First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Laurie Adams 2nd Grade Teacher laurie.adams@mead354.org 6447
Nikole Ball DLC Para Educator nikole.ball@mead354.org 6400
Julie Barquist Para Educator julie.barquist@mead354.org 6400
Cindy Boldrick Title I Teacher cindy.boldrick@mead354.org 6466
Tera Brasch Educational Specialist tera.brasch@mead354.org 7600
Michael Braun Kindergarten Teacher michael.braun@mead354.org 6456
Randa Brose Kindergarten Teacher randa.brose@mead354.org 6461
Joan Brown 4th Grade Teacher joan.brown@mead354.org 6452
Carisa Butters Para Educator carisa.butters@mead354.org 6400
Bethanie Cabana Para Educator bethanie.cabana@mead354.org 6400
Michele Carstensen Cook II
michele.carstensen@mead354.org 6415
Tina Caskey Social Worker tina.caskey@mead354.org 6425
Carol Corbett Para Educator carol.corbett@mead354.org 6400
Mike Danford Principal michael.danford@mead354.org 6410
Carrie Dinwoodie School Nurse carrie.dinwoodie@mead354.org 688-9128
Jeanne Downing DLC Para Educator jeanne.downing@mead354.org 6400
Mark Elmore 2nd Grade Teacher mark.elmore@mead354.org 6451
Joy Evans 3rd Grade Teacher joy.evans@mead354.org 6460
Amelia Fazio Kindergarten Teacher amelia.fazio@mead354.org 6462
Celeste Figon Building Administrative Assistant celeste.figon@mead354.org 6402
Susan Gentry Speech/Language Pathologist susan.gentry@mead354.org 7600
Angela Gill 2nd Grade Teacher angela.gill@mead354.org 6453
Kim Gortsema Educational Specialist kim.gortsema@mead354.org 7600
Sheree Greenslitt DLC Para Educator sheree.greenslitt@mead354.org 6400
Melissa Hainline 3rd Grade Teacher melissa.hainline@mead354.org 6467
Alyssa Harmon 1st Grade Teacher alyssa.harmon@mead354.org 6443
Sara Hernandez 1st Grade Teacher
sara.hernandez@mead354.org 6446
Melissa Hoang DLC/Bldg Para Educator melissa.hoang@mead354.org 6400
Ashly Hoffman Speech/Language Pathologist ashly.hoffman@mead354.org 7600
Margery Horstmann Para Educator margery.horstmann@mead354.org 6400
Mindy Jensen Para Educator mindy.jensen@mead354.org 6400
Karen Johnson Music/Physical Education Teacher karen.johnson@mead354.org 6400
Linda Koscielski Resource Room Teacher linda.koscielski@mead354.org 6465
June Lamberd LAP Teacher june.lamberd@mead354.org 6475
Jennifer Langley Para Educator jennifer.langley@mead354.org 6400
Karin Llyr Music Teacher karin.llyr@mead354.org 6469
Dustin Lungo Physical Education Teacher dustin.lungo@mead354.org 6431
Laurel Madsen Para Educator laurel.madsen@mead354.org 6400
Paula Magluyan 4th Grade Teacher paula.magluyan@mead354.org 6450
Lauren Mason Resource Room Teacher lauren.mason@mead354.org 6464
Vicki McBride Para Educator vicki.mcbride@mead354.org 6400
Molly McCarthy 5th Grade Teacher molly.mccarthy@mead354.org 6436
Klay McPeek 4th Grade Teacher klay.mcpeek@mead354.org 6449
Pamela Meehan 1st Grade Teacher pamela.meehan@mead354.org 6444
Kim Montecucco Assistant Principal kim.montecucco@mead354.org 6409
Erika Mosner Para Educator erika.mosner@mead354.org 6400
Carla Moyer Para Educator carla.moyer@mead354.org 6400
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing donn.nelson@mead354.org 7600
Catherine Niggemeyer Para Educator catherine.niggemeyer@mead354.org 6400
Charmaine O'Donnal Para Educator charmaine.odonnal@mead354.org 6400
Amber Oglesbee DLC Teacher amber.oglesbee@mead354.org 6432
Jill Olson School Psychologist jill.olson@mead354.org 7600
Ray O'Russa DS Custodian 3 ray.orussa@mead354.org 6468
Jill Perry LAP Teacher jill.perry@mead354.org 6474
Lila Pippin DLC Teacher lila.pippin@mead354.org 6463
Steve Pybus 3rd Grade Teacher steve.pybus@mead354.org 6457
Tonya Riggin Para Educator tonya.riggin@mead354.org 6400
Ray Roberts DLC Para Educator ray.roberts@mead354.org 6400
James Rosell SS Custodian 2 james.rosell@mead354.org 6400
Amber Santilli 3rd Grade Teacher
amber.santilli@mead354.org 6458
Jennifer Schwab Para Educator jennifer.schwab@mead354.org 6400
Erin Scott Para Educator erin.scott@mead354.org 6400
Charlotte Shepard Manager II
charlotte.shepard@mead354.org 6415
Susan Slaton Quest Teacher suzi.slaton@mead354.org 6123
Kayleigh Sliman Para Educator kayleigh.sliman@mead354.org 6400
Lea Sneed Kindergarten Teacher lea.sneed@mead354.org 6455
Julie Thayer Principal's Administrative Assistant julie.thayer@mead354.org 6401
Abigail Tompkins ELL Teacher abigail.tompkins@mead354.org 6473
Becky Tucker 1st Grade Teacher becky.tucker@mead354.org 6442
Tim Walden DS Custodian (W&TH) tim.walden@mead354.org 6400
Corinne Walker Para Educator corinne.walker@mead354.org 6400
Stephanie Wall Occupational Therapist stephanie.wall@mead354.org 7600
Gina Welch 2nd Grade Teacher
gina.welch@mead354.org 6448
Jenn Wheeler Library IT Specialist jennifer.wheeler@mead354.org 6414
Andrea Williams 4th Grade Teacher andrea.williams@mead354.org 6437
Andrew Williams 5th Grade Teacher andrew.williams@mead354.org 6440
Mary Wilner Teacher of the Vision Impaired mary.pfannenstielwil@mead354.org 7600
Ciarra Workman 5th Grade Teacher
ciarra.workman@mead354.org 6439
Dani Wurst Physical Therapist dani.wurst@mead354.org 7600
Shasta Wyatt DLC Para Educator shasta.wyatt@mead354.org 6400
Katie Zimmerman 1st Grade Teacher
katie.zimmerman@mead354.org 6445
Billie Zundel Para Educator billie.zundel@mead354.org 6400